The mission of Chick-Fil-A's Ride, Run & Walk for Heroes and Patriot's Festival is to honor those who put themselves in harm's way to serve our country and our community. We give back to these heroes through this event by donating to the following charities:

Angels of America's Fallen is a (501(c)3 nonprofit organization that exists to support the children of our fallen heroes. We help when the need is greatest - the time between the loss of a parent and adulthood. We grant the funds, and or, supplies for educational and developmental activities that can provide a mentoring opportunity, and develop a passion for a healthy activity to help the children stay on track as they develop into adults. Activities supported are under the watchful eye of a coach, teacher, or instructor who can provide some of the mentoring and guidance the children are now missing.

Our Mission is to help children of our fallen military and first responders develop into strong and successful adults by providing them positive mentoring and developmental activities when they are at their most crucial developmental phase of life. For more information:

The Home Front Cares (THFC) makes emergency grants to pay essential life expenses for Colorado veterans and military families. Their grants pay rent, utilities, car repairs and other essential needs, typically within 24 to 48 hours because quite often, a THFC grant a saves veteran from eviction or reconnects the heat and electricity for a military family. Since 2003, they have raised more than $7.6 million to aid thousands of clients across the state. They rely almost entirely on donations, and money raised in Colorado stays in Colorado. For more information:

The Peace Officers' Memorial has a Regional Committee that is actively working to raise funds through the Pikes Peak Community Foundation to build a Memorial in America the Beautiful Park to honor peace officers who have died in the line of duty while serving the community within the Pikes Peak Region. For more information:

The IAFF Local 5 oversees the Firefighters Fund which provides assistance to fallen firfighters and their families and the International Association of Fire Fighters Fallen Fire Figher Memorial, community education programs and the Burn Center. For more information:

For more information contact Torie Giffin, (719) 650-5114, email: